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  • MCM 105
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  • MCM 109 : Word Processing
  • This course introduces students to computer appreciation and typing skills as a basic requirement for effective performance in Mass Communication. It covers some introductory aspects of computer and basically focuses on MSWord and typing skills.
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  • PRAD 307 : Advanced PR and Advertising Productions
  • This course introduces the students to the productions of PR and Ad materials. It will examine the process and procedures for production of promotional materials such as commercial jingles for Radio and Television, Advert copy for Print and Online media, Brochure, Newsletter, Bulletin and News Release. The course will focus on practical productions of materials used for PR and Advertising jobs.
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  • MCM 203 : News Writing and Reporting
  • The course focuses on news definitions, general writing skills, types of leads and preparing a mélange of basic journalistic news stories. Attention shall also be paid to the process of covering beats, journalistic style and interview for newspapers, magazines, radio and television.
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  • PRAD 305 : PR and AD Agency Management
  • This course introduces the students to the concept of PR and Ad Agency management. It will examine the nitty-gritty of agency management for PR and Ad professionals looking at types and structures of agencies, client-agency relationship and rendering integrated services. The course also considers professional bodies in PR and Advertising in Nigeria.
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