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  • A Model Simulation of Temperature in Ilorin, Nigeria
  • Long time series of daily metrological data that are needed in various applications are not always available or appropriate for use at many locations. The temperature simulation model generated for the period of year 2000, 2001 and 2002 was evaluated.
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  • The Effect of Solar Radiation on the Signal Strength of Some Radio Stations in Nigeria.
  • The alternating voltages of some frequency modulation (FM) stations in Nigeria were obtained at Ilorin in the southern guinea savannah (Latitude 08.29oN and Longitude 04. 32oE; elevation 31m) during the period of three months as follows 12-31 October, 5-30 November and 1-31 December 2002. The data were taken from 7.00am when the stations start transmission to 11.00pm when the stations stop transmission within the interval of thirty minutes.
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  • Simulation of temperature in Ilorin, Nigeria
  • Climate and weather have much in common, yet they are not identical. The weather of any place is the sum total of the atmospheric variables for a brief period of time. Thus, climate represents a composite of the day-to-day weather conditions and of the atmospheric elements for a long period of time.􀀃􀀃The climatic history of the world is not well understood, but it is reported that during the last 55 million years, the earth has been cooling and that during the last one million years, there have been alternating of glacial and interglacial episodes evidenced by the ‘Little Ice Age 1645-1715 and the ‘Tropical Age 1870-1930, Ford (1982).
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  • Performance Assessment of Digital Transmission along NITEL Exchange Route
  • Performance test carried out along the Calabar-EPZ Nigeria Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) Digital Exchange Route shows good agreement of signal strength. The result also shows that the route is in a very good condition. It also shows that voice transmission along this route has good voice clarity with a Bit Error Rate (BER) in order of 10-3 which requires a Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of about 16 dB to achieve the error performance level. The route has a bandwidth of about 34 MHz, which makes transmission faster along this route and makes it easy to carry other transmission data. Findings show that the network manageability of this route is very good.
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  • Appraisal of Analogue Transmission along NITEL Exchange Route
  • The Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) analogue exchange route that has been studies is Calabar-Ogoja. Result showed good agreement of signal strength. It also shows that the assessed analogue route has a Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of 30 dB as against expected figure of about 40 dB. It shows the transmission equipment working condition is approaching its tolerance limits due to aging. It was also found that the network manageability of this route is very poor.
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