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  • Communicating Indigenous Knowledge through Exogenous Channel : A Comparative Content Analysis of Adelakun’s under the Brown Rusted Roofs and Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
  • This study is a comparative appraisal of indigenous content in Adelakun’s Under the Brown Rusted Roofs and Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Findings show that the two books are rich in indigenous information/knowledge in varying degrees. The study reaffirmed that exogenous media can be a veritable complementary tool for the preservation of local or indigenous knowledge, culture and language. The study recommended that books and other exogenous media should continuously be utilized in the preservation and documentation of indigenous culture and communication systems. It was also suggested that the relationship between reading culture and the effectiveness of books to preserve indigenous knowledge should be investigated while more research light should be beamed on issues surrounding the access to such indigenous knowledge. Keywords : indigenous communication, indigenous knowledge, exogenous media, Chinua Achebe, Abimbola Adelakun
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  • Insurgency has become a global phenomenon that all regions of the globe now grapple with more than ever before. In fact, the multiplication of insurgent groups in the world has become a major threat to ordering global peace. Do media actually perform their traditional roles of information and education? This work attempts to assess people’s awareness about insurgent groups around the globe. It further tests public perception of popular global insurgent groups (GIGs) in relation to their effect on global peace. Respondents’ source of information about the GIGs is also part of the focus of the study. The study adopted survey method with questionnaire as the instrument of data collection. The analysis which was done using SPSS was discussed in a narrative form. Our findings cover the roles of the media and individual in providing necessary information to the audience about the GIG’s. They also revealed the causes of violence and terrorism in the society. It was then recommended that the media should be more responsive and sensitive in performing their traditional functions of informing and educating so as not to play up an “us-vs-them” scenario thereby polarizing and pitching different segments of the public against one another. Keywords : Insurgency, Global Insurgent Groups, Media Ordering,
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