In any system, all the components that make up of the entity are expected to perform optimally for the sustenance and continuity of that given system otherwise the system tends towards extinction.  It was against this background that provision was made in the Article of Fountain University Law 2007 for the Registry Unit as one of the main components of the University system.

Statutorily, the Registry is the repository of records in the University and responsible for the coordination of general administration in the University. In line with the laws of the University, the Head of the Registry, who is the Registrar, is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University. He is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day –to-day management of the affairs (other than financial matters) of the University. The Registrar serves as a Member and Secretary to the Governing Council, Secretary of Senate and Congregation.

The Registry as a component in the University system comprise of Personnel, Academic Affairs, Council and General Administration. The Registry also provides services to the College Office, Vice-Chancellor’s Office and Student Affairs. The onerous responsibility of the Registry as the repository of records for the University assumes having the right personnel, trained and experienced enough to back up the Registrar in the discharge of his duties to the University.

Personnel / Establishment Affairs

The Establishment /Personnel arm of the Registry is responsible for the Appointment, Promotion, Discipline, Leaves and other Welfare matters of Staff in the University.

The following units are housed by the Establishment/ Personnel unit.

  • Senior Staff Matters (Academic)
  • Senior Non-Teaching Staff Matters.
  • Junior Staff Matters

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs is responsible for all matters relating to keeping of students’ academic records in the University.

The following Units operate under the Academic Affairs:  

  1. Senate
  2. Examinations
  3. Admission / Matriculation
  4. Records

Students Affairs

This Division is primarily responsible for handling of student matters outside academic matters; cater for the student welfare, including assistance with hostel accommodation, provision of guidance and counseling, mobilization of graduating students for NYSC. The Students Affairs Unit in most tertiary institutions has dual headship.

The Dean of Students (Coordinator of Students Affairs) who is an academic staff is usually responsible for policy issues as it relates to student matters. However, the day to day administration falls under the purview of a Student Affairs Officer who is a Registry staff.

The Student Affairs Division handles the following schedules.

  1. Students Discipline
  2. Hall of Residence Matters
  3. National Youth Service Corps Scheme
  4. Guidance and Counseling
  5. Bursary  & Scholarships                     
  6. Town & Gown

Council Affairs

The Governing Council Division is responsible for all matters relating to Governing Council and its Committee, Council is charged with the general control and superintendence of the policy, finances and property of the University.

The following are the key Committees of Council.

  1. Finance and General Purpose Committee
  2. The Tenders Committee
  3. The Appointments , Promotions and Disciplinary Committee


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Article of Fountain University Law 2007 provided for the position of the Registrar for the University. The Registrar is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University. He is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day –to-day management of the affairs (other than financial matters) of the University. The Registrar serves as a Member and Secretary to the Governing Council and Secretary of Senate. With this Central position in the two main organs that control Governance and Academic issues which are primary and key issues in the University system, his duty also involve dissemination of all relevant decisions of various bodies and organs of the institution for prompt action.

The Registry of Fountain University took off in November, 2008 with Dr. Hakeem Adebola, ADEKOLA as the Pionner Registrar. He exited from the service of the University in March, 2012 after successful completion of his tenure as the Pioneer Registrar.

He was succeeded by Mr. Muili Olatoye OLANREWAJU as the Second Registrar of the University. Mr. Olanrewaju assumed duty on 3rd September, 2012.


Mr. Muili Olatoye, OLANREWAJU holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A Hons.) in History from the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.  He also has a Certificate in Electronic Data Processing from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, and Oyo State, Nigeria.


Mr. Olanrewaju is an astute administrator whose work experience spring over 30years in the tertiary education sector in the community; has exposed to all facts of administrative duties. 

He started his career as an Administrative Officer II with the then Oyo State College of Education, Ilesa, and Oyo State now Osun State College of Education. He later joined Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, as an Assistant Registrar (AR) and rose through ranks to the position of a Principal Assistant Registrar (PAR); before he was seconded to The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Ibadan and rose through ranks and file to the position of a Deputy Registrar.

At various times, he has served in the Vice-Chancellors Office, Establishment Matters, Academic Affairs and Student Affair.  He was at a time Head of Registrar’s Department at the Adeseun Ogundoyin Campus, Eruwa, and Oyo State.

Mr. Olanrewaju is a member of the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM).

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