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The term '"scholarship"' is sometimes used to describe any financial aid given to a student that does not have to be repaid. However, more precisely, and universally among college financial aid offices, scholarships and grants are quite different.

A scholarship is given to a student because of a reason: the student has qualified for or won it by academic or athletic ability, or by agreeing to follow a particular career, or has some special ethnic or other characteristic. Scholarships are not given for financial need alone.

In recognition of the need to make education affordable to less privileged individuals who are brilliant but lacked the financial capabilities to access qualitative education at tertiary level  especially at the University, public spirited individual(s) partnered with the University at instituting a Scholarship Scheme


There are a number of Scholarship opportunities in the University. These include the followings:


All these schemes are geared towards enhancing the enrolment data /intake into the University.


Similarly to what operates in some old and well-established Universities, where sufficient funds are available to finance the studies of extremely talented students of little means, Fountain University in its own little way instituted a University based scholarship tagged Fountain Scholarship to appreciate brilliance among the students populace.

Eligibility: This scheme was introduced at the commencement of the second semester of 2007/2008 to encourage the brilliants and to spur others to be more focused / work harder on their studies. The bench mark for the sessional graded award was initially put at a CGPA of 4.00 but was later reviewed to CGPA of 4.50, by the second edition in 2008/2009, to get the best out of the students.

To enjoy the award, student should aim at attaining a minimum CGPA of 4.50 at the end of every semesters and maintain same in order to continue with the benefit of the award.

The beneficiaries of the award are fondly referred to as Fountain Scholar.

Value of the Award:  Each beneficiary is entitled to a cash reward equivalent to 50% of                      their Tuition fee in the University


The scheme above, Wosilat Aregbesola Scholarship, was instituted in 2013 to support and give hope on access to University to indigent but brilliant students who otherwise could not have the opportunity to tertiary education. Engineer Rauf Adesoji AREGBESOLA instituted the scholarship scheme in memory of his late mother, Alhaja Wosilat Aregbesola.

Eligibility: Wosilat Aregbesola Scholarship commenced in 2013/2014 session and was meant to cater for Ten (10) students in the category mentioned above. All the beneficiaries of the award must maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.50 to continue the benefit. Once awarded, the beneficiary, upon fulfilment of the condition earlier enumerated, stand to enjoy the award till the end of his / her studies in the University.

Value of the Award:  Each beneficiary is entitled to a sum of Two Hundred Thousand (N200, 000.00) as part payment of their School fees for any given session.


In a related fashion to the last scheme, Mustapha Ekunsunmi Scholarship was established by Dr. Humulkhair Oyindamola Anjorin in memory of his late father, Mustapha Ekunsunmi.

The scheme is meant for Two (2) indigent but brilliant students

Value of the Award:  Each beneficiary is entitled to a sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand (N250, 000.00) as part payment of their School fees for any given session.

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