Sermon Delivered on Friday 15TH SAFAR, 1437 (27TH NOVEMBER, 2015)

Sermon Delivered on Friday 15TH SAFAR, 1437 (27TH NOVEMBER, 2015)

As- Salaam alaykum warahmotu llah wabarakaatuh.


In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. I bear witness that there is no other deity worthy of worshiping except Allah (s.w.t) I also testify that prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) is the messenger of Allah.

Glory be to Almighty Allah, the king of all kings, we give thanks to Him for sparing our lives up till this moment and we shall continue giving Him our thanks and adoration. We beseech Him, to continue to shower His endless blessings and mercy on the gentle soul of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)  the zeal of all Prophets and the leader of all the messengers. May He continue to do so on all his family, companions, and entire generality of Muslim Ummah till the Day of Judgment?

Servant of Allah! Our sermon today will be focusing on the rights of a Muslim over another. Allah Has created us from different backgrounds, Nations and colours, but He made the ties of Islam to unite us under an entity called Al-Islam. It is this Islam that advocates for the rights that are to be given to our Muslim brothers irrespective of our backgrounds, Nations and colours.

 There are many rights enshrined in the book of Hadith but today, we are looking into the six rights a Muslim should fulfilled on his Muslim brother. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) said:

‘’The right of Muslim over another Muslim are six; when you meet him greet him (with greeting of Salam) and if he invites you, respond to his invitation and when he seek your advice then advise him and when he sneezes and then say Alhamdulillah then say to him yarhamukullah and when he is sick then visit him, and when he dies you should follow his funeral procession’’

Servant of Allah! These are the analysis of the rights listed in this prophetic saying one after the other. 

The First Right: When you meet him greet him with the greeting of peace by saying (as-Salam alaykum warahmotullah).

This is not an obligatory practice, but it is recommended by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) because[F1]  of the social, moral and spiritual values and benefits attached to it. This greeting is known to be a cause of affection and good wishes for one another. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) said:

‘’By the one in whose control is my soul, you will not enter paradise until you believe, and you will not have all the qualities of the righteous believers until you love each other. Shall I not direct you to something that if you do it, you will love each? Spread the greeting of peace among yourselves Muslim’’

Allah also says in Quran 4:86:

‘’ when greeting is offered to you then return it with one like it or better than it’’

 The Second Right: When he invites you, respond to his invitation.

Whenever a Muslim brother invites you to grace an occasion or to dine and wine with him, it is your right to honour him with your presence unless you have a genuine reason to decline. This is another way of strengthening the brotherhood ties in Islam.

The Third Right: When he seeks your advice, advise him.

 That is, if he consults you for advice regarding some steps he/she intended to take, do not hesitate to advise him rightly with the same advice you would value for yourself, if it is beneficiary encourage him to go forward with it, but if it is detrimental caution him against it. But if the case is inclusive of both benefit and detriment, explain to him and measure the pros and cons of the situation accordingly without hiding anything for him.

The Fourth Right: When he sneezes and praises Allah then pray for mercy upon him.

This right is due to the fact that sneezing is a favour from Allah in the expelling of this congested air that is blocked in some parts of the body of human being. So, Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) legislated that the person praises Allah for this favour, and also legislated for his Muslim brother to say to him may Allah have mercy upon you (Yarhamukallahu) he also urged the person who sneezed to answer Muslim brother by saying to him may Allah guide you  and set right your affairs ( Yahadikumullahu wayuslihu baalakum) and anybody who sneezes without praising Allah after it, has forfeited the two blessings from himself the blessing of praising Allah and the blessing of the supplication of his brother for him, which is a direct result of him praising Allah.

The Fifth Right: When he becomes ill, visit him.

It is the right of a Muslim to pay a recovery visit to his sick family, friend and others with a similar closeness to him. This is from the best of righteous deeds and whoever visits a sick should endeavour to pray for him and give him glad tidings by encouraging him on his quick recovery in the best manner. He should also find a way of removing the agony and pain is suffering with some words that can soften his pain and mind. And he should not scare his sick brother or sister in any way or the other, even if that sickness can cause untimely death so to speak!

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) said:

‘’whoever visits his Muslim brother, he remains engulfed in the mercy of Allah until he returns, and the angels ask for forgiveness for him’’ narrated in an authentic hadith.

The Sixth Right: ‘’And if he dies, follow his funeral.

And whoever follows the funeral until the deceased’s body is prayed over, then he will receive a Qirat of reward. A Qirat is equivalent to the size of the mountain of Uhud in Madinah. And if he follows the funeral procession until the body buried, then he will receive two Qirats of reward.

Lastly, my dear brothers and sisters in faith, let us reflect upon these beautiful rights that were taught by Prophet Muhammad, so we may re-feel that we are like one body when one part feels pain, then all of it will be affected by sickness and fever.

Sermon Delivered By:

Ustaz Badmus Issa Abdulwahhed

Nasfat Missioner

Fountain University, Osogbo,

Osun State, Nigeria.


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