Sermon Delivered on Friday 18TH DHU AL-HIJJA 1436AH (30TH OCTOBER, 2015)

As- Salaam alaykum warahmotu llah wabarakaatuh.


I seek refuge in Allah against the enemy of Allah and entire mankind, Shaytan the accursed. In the name of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful.

All adorations, adulations and appreciations are due to Almighty Allah, Uncreated Creator, Unmoved Mover and Unshaken Shaker. May His blessings and peace be upon the noble soul of Prophet Muhammad, the leader of all messengers and the zeal of all prophets. May Allah continue to shower the same on his family, companions and entire generalility of Muslim Ummah till the day of accountability?

This sermon today, is focusing on how a good and submissive Muslim should spend a day in his life , from waking up till noon. That is , how can we make our daily routine activities beneficial and rewarding before Almighty Allah by following the daily spiritual routine of a Muslim.

Oh servant of Allah! We do not need to do something extraordinary in our day to earn divine rewards, but, what we need to do is to establish a godly , constant and daily routine that in corporate not only Sallat, but reading and listening to Qur’an , remembrance of Allah (Dhikir) and other simple deeds. Doing these will eventually bring satisfaction to our hearts, heal our souls and keep us on the straight path.  

If we do all these daily activities with intention of pleasing Allah consistently, they will become rewarding acts of worship. Prophet Muhammad said:

The deeds most loved by Allah are those done regularly, even if they are small”

Servants of Allah! Many of us are workers and students, and this shows that we are vary by having different schedule in our various daily activities, but the common spiritual practices of Islam bring harmony and balance in our lives. So, our Khutbah will address the spiritual side in the everyday life of an average Muslim which reconnects mundane with divine.

1- The first thing expected from a true Muslim when waking up in the morning is to thank Allah for  giving him another opportunity to see a new day, and this could be done by saying:

“ Alhamdulillahi ladhi ahyaana ba’da maa amaatanaa wa-ilaehi nushuur”

Meaning: All praise is for Allah who gave us life after having taken it from us and unto Him is the      resurrection .

            2- The second thing to be done is to perform ablution or ghuslu. Starting ablution by saying “Bismillahi” or supplication for entering bathroom: “Allahumo in-nii a’uudhubika minal khubuthi wal-khabaaith”

Meaning: I begin with the name of Allah, I seek refuge in you from the evil and evil things.

And make sure you enter with left leg and come out saying “gufraanaka”  . But after ablution one will say “ Ashadu an laa ilaha ila llahu wahadau laa sharika lahu wa-ashadu an-nna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa-rosuluhu”

            3- We are also encouraged to brush our teeth: Prophet Muhammad said: “If I had not found it difficult for my followers , I would have ordered them to clean their teeth for every Salat”.

            4-  Before going to work or school a submissive Muslim is expected to observe obligatory Fajri Salat preceded by two  Rakats of Sunnah . and it is good to observe it at its appropriate time with proper concentration before Allah.

            5- Servants of Allah! The quiet hours of early morning is a good opportunity to recite the Qur’an  and  morning invocations prescribed by prophet Muhammad (Adkaar) and those who can not read can listen to it, because these will enable a committed Muslim to obtain the most spiritual benefit.

            After all these, there is no prohibition of returning to sleep if one so wishes after the Fajri Salat. In fact, it is part of practices of Prophet Muhammad during his life time.

            6- When taking breakfast, it is good to eat an healthy food available and attention should be paid to cleanliness in preparing it. A Muslim begins  his food with the name of Allah saying:

Bismillahi Rahmoni Raheem OR Bismillahi wa’alaa barakatillahi”

Prophet Muhammad taught a boy who was attending a meal with him a table manner, he said:

”….. mention the name of Allah , and eat with your right hand and eat of the food that is nearer to you”

            7- After eating one is expected to thank Allah that provided him with the food, by sayig:

Alhamdulillahi ladhi at’amanii hadha warazaqanihii min-gayri haolin minni wa-laa quwwa”

Over eating and drinking should be discouraged for its unhealthy nature.

8-  A Muslim steps out of his house by entrusting his life and hope in Allah by saying:  “bismillahi tawakaltu ‘ala lahi wa la hawla wala quwwata ila billahi”

Meaning: “ I begin with the name of Allah , I depend upon Allah, there is no might and power but Allah”.

When a Muslim says this supplication, Prophet Muhammad said Allah will say unto him “ you are guided, you are taken care of, you are protected” Satan will turn away from the person and another one will say  “how can you harm a person who is already guided, cared of and protected by Allah”

9- Lastly, when a Muslim leaves his home he should not forget Allah in all his dealings and engagements, so that he can work and earn his daily bread legitimately, and take note the time for each salat . Also, it is good for him to take advantage of any opportunity that comes to him in other to earn more reward from Allah, like cheerfulness, saying salamah to people, attending funeral rites, rendering assistance to the needy, giving good advice and forbidding people from engaging in bad habit.  

This is the best way for a Muslim to spend his day, and by the time one recounts all these rewarding acts and compares it with the bad ones, one will have a total confidence that his good deeds have outweighed the bad ones. With all these a submissive Muslim will be uplifted spiritually.

Let us seek for forgiveness  from Allah, He is surely there to forgive all our sins……………..   






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