Sermon Delivered on Friday 24th Sha’ban, 1436 (12th June, 2015)


Title: Al-Ihsan (Righteousness or Good deeds).

As- Salaam alaykum warahmotu llah wabarakaatuh!

All praises and adorations are due to Allah (S.W.T) the Omnipotent, the Omniscience. I seek His forgiveness and mercy. I beseech Him to shower His blessings upon the Soul of the noble Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), his companions, household, the generality of the Muslims in the world. Brothers and Sisters in Islam, As-Salam alaykum Warahmotullah Wabarakatul. This is the first sermon in the month of Sha’ban 1436AH and it centres on Al- Ihsan (Righteousness).

Al-Ihsan as a concept in Islam is an Arabic term which connotes “perfection” or “excellence” that is related to the word “Goodness”. Ihsan is a concept that entails taking one’s inner iman and showing it in both deeds and actions, a sense of social responsibility borne from religious convictions. In fact, Ihsan is the Muslim responsibility to obtain perfection, or excellence in worship and adds beauty to it.

Al-Ihsan is a distinguishing feature that raises a human society above any other creations of Allah (S.W.T) and makes Allah (S.W.T) proud of humanity. Allah (S.W.T) restated this fact in five different verses of the Holy Qur’an:

“Allah loves those who practice Ihsan”, Q2:195                                                                             

“Those who spend (benevolently) in ease as well as in hardship, and those who restrain their anger and pardon men; and Allah loves the doers of good” Q3:134                                                                                                                                

“… surely, Allah loves those who do good (to others) Q5:13                                                 

“On those who believe and do good, there is no blame for what they eat, when they are careful (of their duty) and believe and do good deeds, then they are careful (of their duty), and believe and do good deeds, then they are careful (of their duty) and do good (to others) and Allah loves those who do good (to others)” Q5:93.

  • Servant of Allah, open your mind and realize that Al-Ihsan is a comprehensive concept that covers all human affairs; “Where al-Ihsan applies to one’s relationship with Allah, it represents excellence in servitude to Him with consciousness and sincerity” and “When al-Ihsan is about people, it represents benevolence towards people and graciousness in dealing. Benevolence to one’s parents, wives, children, extended family, neighbors, friends, subordinates, associates, needy, orphans and less privileged in the society”.
  • Ihsan also connotes “to do beautiful and righteous things” and the person or Muslim who engages in doing righteous things is regarded as Muslim. Ihsan is one of the three dimensions of Islamic religion namely: Islam, Iman and Ihsan as evidently clear in Hadith of Jibril reported by Al- Bukhari and Muslim.
  • My good Brothers and Sisters in Islam, strive to reach the best position in Allah’s estimation by performing up to standard in any situation and engage yourself in excellent, gracious and benevolent deeds.
  • Behold! Ihsan suggests doing more than that, which a Muslim is mandated to do, and giving more to others than what they are entitled to. Much can be learnt from the story of an orphan during the life of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W):

It was an occasion of ‘id (Muslim festival) when and where the Prophet (S.A.W) sighted a tattered boy sitting alone at a corner weeping. The Prophet (S.A.W) moved towards the boy and here are their conversations:

The Prophet:  boy! Why are you lonely weeping?

The Orphan: I am an orphan, I have neither father nor mother and no family The Prophet: how will you feel if I adopt you and play fatherly roles on you?

The Orphan: I will be happy

The Prophet: How will you feel if I make ‘Aishah (my wife) your mother?

The Orphan: I will be happy

The Prophet: What if I also make Fatimah (my daughter) your sister?

The Orphan: I shall be grateful. The boy became esteemed and enthusiastic as he smiled.

The Prophet (S.A.W) sealed his decision to adopt him by directing Fatimah (R.A) to take him home, prepare him delicious food and provide good cloth for him to better the life of the Orphan.  

 While ‘Adl (Justice) ensures peace and security of human society, Ihsan makes it loving and caring. Quran 5:13 buttresses this when it reads:

“Indeed, he who maintains taqwah and remains patient and steadfast, Allah does not let those who practice Ihsan lose their rewards”.

Servants of Allah! Prepare your mind that sometimes; however, a person practicing al-Ihsan may not individually witness the benefits of his best practices. In such situations, as a sincere believer, Allah (S.W.T) advises that you should not get discouraged or be broken hearted. Allah (S.W.T) substantiates in Al-Quran;

 “Verily, Allah does not let the Muhsineen (those who practice al-Ihsan) lose their reward. Q9:120.

Oh Allah! Increase your mercy & perpetual blessings for the soul of the noble Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W), his households, companions, Muhajirun, helpers and the generality of the Muslims worldwide. Oh Allah! Show your mercy on Nigeria, touch the guide and support our leaders, cause them to actualize the truth and their responsibilities, protect and support the masses and suppress all insurgencies in the country. Oh Allah! make us sincere and successful Muslims, strengthen us over our enemies, subdue the power of enemies of Islam, render their powers and supports useless and impotent. Oh Allah grant us long lives and sound health, make it easy for us to follow your path and to move away from acts that can make us incur your wrath. Oh Allah! Grant us success in this life, on death day, in the grave, in the hereafter and make al-Jannah our final abode (aamiin).  

Fa-s- salaamu alaykum wa rahmatu llah wabarakaatuh.


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